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JVC KS-PD100 IPod adapter

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JVC ks-pd100 IPod adapter 

Tilslut din IPod til din JVC radio, smid den i hanskerummet... og betjen via radioen.




You can control the iPod with your JVC head unit* - to allow you to listen to digital audio via your in-car audio system.

The KS-PD100 interface adapter for iPod features an information display with the same categories and layers as an iPod. Where conventional headunits may not list all the options available on your digital player, the JVC iPod Adapter will list all the options as featured on your iPod display.

The JVC head unit will also navigate through your songlist in a similar style to the iPod clickwheel. Where "up" on the head unit acts like the "menu" button on the iPod, and "down" acts like the "play/pause" button. The Adapter will also recharge the battery of the iPod whilst connected and, when fitted, the unit hides away to save space and obscure from view.

The JVC interface is compatible with the following iPod models:

Controllable iPod Software Version
iPod with dock connector (3rd Generation) iPod software version 2.3
iPod with Click Wheel (4th Generation) iPod software version 3.1
iPod mini iPod mini software version 1.4
iPod photo iPod photo software version 1.2
iPod nano* iPod nano software version 1.0

The iPod shuffle is not controllable. If your iPod software is older than those mentioned above, you may not be able to control the iPod properly.

The JVC HS-PD100 interface is compatible with certain head units produced from 2003 onwards.
Below is a complete list:

KD-SH9101/2/3/4 KD-LHX501/2 KS-FX742
KD-LH3101 KD-LHX551/2 KD-AVX1
KD-LH1101 KD-LHX601 KD-SHX851
KD-SX998 KD-LHX401/401B KD-SHX751
KD-SX997 KD-G801 KD-LH811
KD-LH70R KD-SC601 KD-LH911
KD-DV5000 KD-G501/502 KD-G611/612
KD-SHX701/701T KD-G301/302 KD-G511

The KS-PD100 is available form JVC’s extensive network of dealers.

* Available in conjunction with a 2005 model or later which has MP3 Changer Control (excludes certain models).

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