Dragster DAB4200 4x200W rms @2Ohm - Demo

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Dragster DAB4200 giver dig 800W RMS fordelt på 4 kanaler

Demo model

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Dragster DAB4200  4x200W rms @2Ohm


The heatsink and the outer shell of these amplifiers are in two-tone grey brushed aluminium. They are built to a high quality standard and these high power amplifiers are surprising for the musical precision and the power emitted. They are ideal for creating high emotional impact systems, and also best choice for the demanding person who wants top performance. Thanks to the use of materials and technologies that are normally reserved for much more expensive products, such as SMD circuiting, stabilised power supply, total absence of loose cabling and forced ventilation, the DAB series offers high performance with an unbeatable quality/price ratio. The high power models are ideal for driving large subwoofers and for guaranteeing excellent results in fierce SPL fights.

DAB 4200

4 channel 800W total RMS power

120W RMS x 4-ch
@4 Ohm,

200W RMS x 4-ch
@2 Ohm,
280W RMS x 2-ch
@4 Ohm mono bridged,
12dB/oct 2-way bandpass 10~400Hz crossover,
adjustable 18dB bass boost, subsonic filter from 10Hz.
No less than 120 watts in each channel,
for a great sound system.

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